ROSE CLAYA pale reddish powder for use in face masks and color cosmetics
SEA CLAYThis is gray, plastic clay mined from deposits originally under an ancient ocean. It is used in masks, mud packs, clay baths and in applications to draw impurities from the skin. FDA quality.
RED CLAYA yellowish, red powder clay suitable for use in mud therapies, facial masks, color cosmetics and soaps.
RHASSOUL CLAYA yellow/red plastic clay. For use in masks, muds, clay baths, etc. FDA quality.
ZEOLITEA natural green, high purity Zeolite capable of odor absorption, ion exchange, ammonium removal, etc. It has many cosmetic and personal care product applications such as a mild scrub and as a cleansing agent for absorption of impurities from the skin in masks applications.
LION KAOLINA washed, soft, white kaolin meeting all USP chemical requirements. For cosmetics requiring a high purity raw material. FDA quality.
SIM 90 KAOLINA very white, strongly opaque, hard kaolin with high oil absorption. Meets all USP requirements.
ELECTROS KAOLINAn exceptionally fine, bulky, colloidal Kaolin meeting N.F and CTFA requirements. This material is free of mica, quartz and iron compounds. Quite suitable for many cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.