PUMICE POWDERA low density, mildly abrasive powder available in many different grit sizes. Suitable for use in facial exfoliating products, body scrubs and creams, hand soaps and as an exfoliator filler in facial masks and muds. Coarse grades for scenting, aromatherapy, coloring, etc.
GEMSTONESA group of brightly colored and carefully graded semiprecious natural gemstones which provide useful scrub and an outstanding opportunity to market a unique product. The gemstones include: amethyst purple, tourmaline black, sodalite blue, and garnet dark red
SILKA 40 micron, mechanically cut silk fiber. These fibers are at first invisible and impalpable. The fibers combine with each other into small balls during the scrubbing process. These little balls become the "grit" for exfoliation
ZEOLITEA natural green, high purity Zeolite capable of odor absorption, ion exchange, ammonium removal, etc. It is a mild scrub and a cleansing agent for absorption of impurities from the skin.
WHITE ALUMINAThis is a very white, hard, angular abrasive. It is inert and useful as a wet scrub or as an air driven skin blast formulation
DOLOMITESimilar to Alumina in color. It is softer and will provide a buffer effect with water, various grit sized available
HPQ 100-300This is an ultrapure quartz sand. It container only 35 ppm of impurities. Best for high end products
CERAMIC COATED QUARTZThis so called CCQ is available in many colors: red, yellow, green, blue & lovely muted color. The colors are permanently bonded to the quartz substate and cannot be removed.