Mineral Description

These are a group of minerals which have extremely small particle sizes, less than 500 nanometers.


Views its grade

Cal Carb PCC Nano- This PCC is specially produced to nanometric size. It is surface treated with stearic acid to increase its ease of dispersion. Consider this nanometric PCC a high performance filler and functional additive. It will enhance the physical properties of a variety of polymeric matrices: in Rigid PVC applications it improves impact, strength and weatherability. In injection molded and extruded parts it produces an exceptional smoothness and gloss. It will lower the gas permeability of the product, a benefit to sealants.

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Bentonite Paper Making Slurry- This slurry is specially designed for papermaking on modern, high speed machines. It is made using high swelling sodium Bentonite in a single component suspension of anionic nano-particles. Its chemistry is controlled by its very large surface area. Its physical properties can be controlled in the papermaking process. The P-Slurry is typically used in conjunction with starch as an aid in retention and drainage applications.

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