Mineral Description

Pumice is a soft, friable natural abrasive. It is produced in more than 10 particle sizes from very fine powder to granules and even in lumps and boulders. 

Pumice provides a great balance between moisture retention and air circulation to the roots of bonsai trees.  It is carefully graded and essentially free of fine material. It is additionally utilized for hydroponics as a soilless developing medium. Bonsai pumice is what many pros and serious bonsai enthusiasts use as an important component in their soil.

Other Uses: 

Pumice is broadly used in construction to make lightweight concrete, Concrete blocks and a fine-grained variant of pumice called pozzolan is blended with  cement. In manufacturing, it is used as a mild abrasive for surface finish, in pencil erasers, as a filler, with stone washed denim, anti-skid material, and a filter medium in water filtration, in cosmetics as a corrective beauty exfoliant, additive to soap,  for green products of all kinds, and progressively for the pet industry.


Views its grade

Pumice #5 Filter - This Pumice is specially graded to water filter size compared to sand media. Pumice is a faster filter and has a lower specific gravity. This item is useful in very large gravity filters and in canister filters.

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Pumice AVS - This mineral is produced from a deposit of water laid ore, unique for both its purity and unusual percent of finely divided particles.

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Pumice Chrystal Domestic

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Pumice for Paint - Pumice grades 5 micron and 10 micron are used in paints and coatings. The NSC grades act as functional fillers. Rather than just take up space, these products can be used to adjust opacity, increase scrubability (resistance against scratching) and act as flattening agents. Most importantly, these minerals are rated non-hazardous and nontoxic. There is no crystalline silica in the product as tested to the levels of detection (0.05%).

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