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Silica is a hard durable mineral which is available in many purities, crystalline structures, and particle sizes.


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Silica Cristabalite M3000

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Silica Sand - This high Silica sand is a natural product of the Ice Age. The sand is sub angular and comes in many grades, meeting different specification standards and ASTM designations.

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Silica #35 Precipitated - This material is similar to smoked or fumed silica. It has an ultimate particle size on the order of .01 micron and is easily dispersed. Useful for thickening, flatting, flow control and absorption. This product has a high purity and is suitable for manufacturing food and health products or industrial products.

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Silica Ceramic Coated Quartz

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Silica Microcrystalline - These are naturally occurring microcrystalline silicas composed of aggregated micro crystals. This special composition yields a rounded spherical particle shape devoid of sharp edges and corners and thus this is soft, low abrasive silica. Recommended for coatings, compounding, polishing where a low cost high purity item is needed. Note uniform oil absorption.

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Silica Microcryst Surface Mod - This mineral is surface modified with an Epoxy Silane designed for superior bonding and improved performance in Polymer systems. Two grades are offered with identical chemistry and differing particle size.

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Silica Spherical 7030 - This is a special round Silica, carefully graded to specific particle distributions. This item is used in applications where particle shape, very low dust and chemical purity are important.

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Silica _P_ - A pure white crystalline form of silica used in ceramics, soap, as an abrasive and as a general filler or extender. Also used in manufacture of investment castings and particularly recommended in the manufacture of epoxy resins.

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